05-05-2007 – Irina Mikhailova

Saturday, May 5th /IRINA MIKHAILOVAIrina Mikhailova is a cross-pollinating vocalist, composer, andmulti-instrumentalist whose musical style reflects traditions ofRussia, the Balkans, Asia and the Middle East. Enriched by themulti-ethnic melodies that infused her childhood in Kazakhstan,Mikhailova blends warm, otherworldly vocals with a dynamic cast ofmusicians from around the world. She plays frequently in Europe andhas performed at a variety of festivals, including the World of Music,Arts and Dance (WOMAD) concert series in England, Morocco, Canada,Portugal and Mexico, and festivals in Japan, Greece, Germany andSwitzerland. Her solo albums have received international criticalacclaim. In this concert, Irina will be joined by Gari Haggerty, whohas been performing traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, France,Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa for the past 20 years.Haggerty performs on a wide range of traditional instruments,including oud (Middle Eastern lute), violin, Turkish saz, yaylitambur, Irish pennywhistle, mandocello, and flute.$10 suggested donation. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Show at 8:00 pm.