05-04-2007 – The Erik Jekabson Quintet Outhead

Friday, May 4th / JAZZ DOUBLE HEADER: ERIK JEKABSON QUINTET and OUTHEADThe Erik Jekabson Quintet combines aspects of the technicallydemanding New York modern scene with a more laid-back, West Coastattitude. Bandleader and composer Jekabson also throws in some world,funk, and classical influences as he and his band search out freshways of expressing a classic (two horns + rhythm section) quintetlineup.OUTHEAD, both the terminal chorus in a jazz composition and theterminal state of mind of its four members, is a rehearsal band gonemad-crazy. OUTHEAD features the original compositions andimprovisations of Charles Gurke (Carne Cruda, Space Invaders, BariHelafonte, Dr. Locos Rockin Jalapeño Band) on baritone zaxomophone and percussion, Alex Weiss (Conspiracy of Beards, Josue Lopez y le Gran Orquesta, Space Invaders) on alto and tenor saxophone and percussion, Rob Woodcock (Plan A, Punk Rock Orchestra) on double bass, and Dillon Westbrook (Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club, The Silverbacks) on drums and cymbals. Drawing on influences such as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Ornette Coleman, and Last Exit, OUTHEAD keeps the synapses misfiring and the energy high. Occasional covers include hits from the Ethiopique imprint and Thelonious Monk. Look for them in a rubber room near you!$10 suggested donation. Doors open at 7:30 pm. Show at 8:00 pm.